New Home Baptist Church, Enterprise, Alabama is comprised of a group of people from all walks of life.
You will find teachers, farmers, factory workers, aviation technicians, retirees, entrepreneurs, nurses, business
owners, students, communications specialists and more. But first, and most importantly, we are Christians.

Although we are a diverse group of folks, the one belief that brings us together is we believe what the Bible says  
about Jesus Christ - He is the true Son of God and the only Savior.

We, as followers of Jesus Christ, want you to know that our hope and prayer is God will help you see how much He
cares about you and will help you understand why He wants you to become a follower of Jesus, too.

What about you? Are you going through life "doing more good things than bad things", "trying hard", "going to
church occasionally" or "giving money to worthy causes"? These are some good things to do - however, doing
these things expecting to "earn God's favor" causes one to fall far short of what it really means to be a Christian.

Perhaps you have some questions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Christianity, who can go to heaven or any other
topics. At one time or another - before we became Christians and even since then - we have all had questions like
these. Would you like to know what the Bible says you must "do" to become a Christian? For a confidential inquiry,
send an email with your questions to: pastor @
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